Frances Flood is a Furniture Designer/Maker based in Glasgow, specialising in wooden cabinetry.

“I have always been interested in furniture, design and architecture, but realised my desire to learn to design and make furniture while trying to furnish my own home and struggling to find furniture of a size and style which I felt suited my house. I completed an NQ and HNC in Furniture Craft and Design at the City of Glasgow College, and went on to set up my own workshop to design and make furniture.


I love wood, and am particularly fond of lighter hard woods such as Ash or Sycamore, or mixing light and dark woods. A trip to the wood shop to pick timber for a new project is always a pleasure, although I do tend to find it difficult not to pick up a few extra boards if I see something with particularly nice grain or figure.

As a Glaswegian I’ve been lucky to have grown up surrounded by The Glasgow Style, and this is a major influence for my work. I also love Japan, and Japanese furniture and architecture is another major influence. I prefer crisp lines, graceful curves and subtle embellishments over rustic or highly ornate furniture, and I like the beauty of the wood grain and figure to be the star of the piece as much as possible.”