Coffee Table : Circular coffee table in Ash and Oak, with cabriole legs and two drawers.

Japanese Lantern inspired cabinet : Four drawer cabinet in Walnut, Maple and Birch plywood.

This cabinet was inspired by Japanese lanterns, and is sized for use as a bedside cabinet or sofa end-table. Most of the bedside cabinets I have owned over the years have had 3 equal sized, deep drawers, and I have found that the small items I tend to store in my bedside cabinet are often hard to find in the deep drawers. This inspired the inclusion of two smaller drawers in this cabinet, to give better access to smaller items.

“Beginning” Tables : Small console tables in clear pine.

I decided to name them “Beginning” since I was aiming for a slightly Japanese style, and they remind me slightly of the Kanji symbol for beginning 元 – and of course a console table would typically be found in an entrance hall, the beginning of the house.

Square Side Table : Square side table in poplar and birch plywood

Lounge Chair : Small Lounge Chair with modern upholstery and stain glass design

“Ribbon” Piano Stool : Piano Stool in stained poplar and sycamore with upholstered drop-in seat.

This piano stool was a college project. We were given the basic design, but were then free to vary the spacing of the stretchers, add design elements between the stretchers, and choose our finish (stain, varnish, etc) and fabric.  I was inspired by the veneered Ribbon Cabinets of Paul Schurch, and decided to create a ribbon effect on the stool using a sycamore “ribbon” between the stretchers, and staining on the legs to create the ribbon effect there – the poplar happened to be pale enough to match with the sycamore ribbon, so I masked off areas before staining the rest black.